It is with great joy to announce that world-renowned fashion designer Vera Wang has teamed up with Olivia Rohde on her 2018 Fall Bridal Collection, "Jardin du Luxembourg." After years of struggle, trying to get her OWN songs heard, Olivia decided to make an album of OTHER people's songs. She then released her first full cover album titled, "In Harmony", a compilation with songs of the past. Olivia's dreamy, dramatic and emotionally riveting rendition of the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" made a buzz and caught the attention of designer Vera Wang. She heard it, she "loved it" and she had to have it. Making Olivia's voice, the perfect soundtrack to Vera's vision which even beat out famous singer Lykke Li's spin on the song. For Olivia, it has been an honor and huge achievement to work with arguably the most prominent designer of bridal wear in America. Click the link below to watch the video for yourself...

 "Jardin du Luxembourg"

Vera Wang x Olivia Rohde